Magnesium Die Casting

In addition to aluminium, magnesium can achieve further attractive weight advantages with its high strength properties and is thus currently one of the lightest available metallic materials. In comparison to steel parts magnesium parts can be manufactured 75% lighter.  

In the course of environmental policy discussions and the intention of saving more weight and therefore energy there is higher demand for magnesium today than ever before. This trend also benefits for example from the search for new light weight solutions. The good processing properties, the shielding of electromagnetic rays and vibration damping offer further potential applications of magnesium. In this way we have already been able to change plastic parts to magnesium and make a whole range of added value in series production.   

We use magnesium for die castings in the following areas: automotive, electronics, motorcycles and medicine.  

Similarly to aluminium its possible uses are varied and to be chosen carefully with the customer during the engineering phase.