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Post-processing of die castings

Post-processing of die castings

Already immediately after casting, our die-cast aluminium and magnesium parts have a high surface quality which, if necessary, can be further refined with mechanical finishing. We also take over all the processing steps with which we prepare the cast parts for further processing and proceed with the utmost precision and care. The castings machined in this way can then be fitted accurately and, after any necessary surface treatment, are ready for installation and delivery to our customers.

Castings machined with this approach can then be fitted accurately and are ready for installation after surface treatments, and can then be delivered to our customers.

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Post-processing of die castings

Punch deburring

When casting aluminium and magnesium, burrs are created, which is overhanging material that we remove in the next step by means of punch deburring. The sprue system and overflow are removed from the actual workpiece. The separation burr produced during separation from the mould, as well as so-called tinsel burrs, are removed in the course of punch deburring and sealed cores are opened. A well-thought-out deburring concept and well-executed deburring have a significant influence on the quality and workmanship of the components and thus on the profitability of the overall process.

CNC processing

Cast blanks made of aluminium or magnesium are machined and prepared for further processing and assembly with the CNC machine. Sealing surfaces are milled with defined surface roughness, and fits and hole patterns are introduced into the workpieces – with and without threading. The result is a finished component made of aluminium or magnesium.

Surface treatment of die castings

Of course, the vertical scope of manufacturing depicted in our foundry’s line of services also includes plastering and finishing of surfaces. For toolmaking, we already take into account the final surface treatment that will be carried out on the component, which may involve a coating on the casting. The advantage that our holistic approach has for our customers is also evident here.

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Surface treatment of die castings

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