Quality management at Laukötter Gusstechnik GmbH


A company can only achieve sustainable success if it behaves accordingly, complies with laws worldwide and stands by its voluntary commitments and ethical principles.

Our corporate principles on responsibility, anti-corruption, conduct and ethics form the foundation of all our decisions and serve as a guideline for ethical conduct.

It is a matter of course that all employees conduct themselves in accordance with these rules.

Transparency, openness and compliance are at the top of the agenda in our corporate culture. We are convinced that good results can only be achieved under these conditions.


Resource conservation

With its environmental and energy policy, Laukötter GmbH is committed to sustainably and continuously reducing energy consumption, especially in the main and auxiliary smelting plants, and the associated CO2 emissions, taking into account the existing regulatory requirements and other requirements as well as the laws and regulations applicable to us.

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